Are you getting ready to launch your own product or service and now you need a logo so people know who you are? Are you building this idea yourself and don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on a logo? As a designer with over 5 years experience helping entrepreneurs and major brands launch new products and services. I get a lot of questions about logo designs so I decided to create a guide to help.

Creating your own logo can be as simple as picking a font that represents your company’s personality, product/service, or ethos and typing out it’s company name.


What is a Font?

Just to make sure we are speaking the same language. A font is a set of text characters with a specific style. Have you ever heard of Arial, Helvetica, or Comic Sans? These are popular examples of fonts.

Definition of a font

Companies That Use Fonts for Their Logos

Close your eyes and think of companies like Uber, Patagonia, or Glossier. Can you picture their logos in your head? These are companies that use fonts as their main logo across all of their products and services. The fonts they have chosen represent a specific characteristic of the company or the sensation you get from interacting with the company.

Popular company logos that use fonts

Make Your Own Logo

Making your own logo with a font can help save you time, save money, and you can feel proud that you did it yourself! Before you start your logo journey think of these three things.

  1. If your product or service was a person, what would it’s personality be? Would it be cheerful, does it move quickly, is it intelligent? These personality traits can be used to help you pick a font.
  2. What does it feel like to use your product or service? If your product or service is relaxing maybe the font you choose should convey a calming feeling.
  3. Is there a background story behind your product or service? If it was created to be a secure solution, maybe your font should be more traditional?

Free Logo Font Guide

As I mentioned before I get a lot of questions about how to create a logo with limited time and resources. I created this 20 page guide that showcases popular companies and the fonts that they used for their logos.

The free logo font guide includes

  • 4 industry sectors; technology, financial, consumer products & services, and health.
  • Each sector includes 9 companies outlining the font used for the logo.
  • Every logo includes the price of the font and link to purchase it.

Free Logo Font Guide by Jon Sorrentino

I have always found that looking at other companies that have proven to be successful is a great place to start and be inspired. Use this guide to help you choose your own font for your new idea and begin to grow your business.

In my next article I’ll go through how you can use the font you selected to create logo assets to be used for your social media channels, websites, and more.

Do you have any other tips for making your own logo? Feel free to tweet them to me or DM me on instagram.


Download the Free Logo Font Guide